w e r d v e n u s


This is a page to make available the albums of my
old project for download.
Werdvenus started in 2010 I think. I didn't know how to record
and edit songs at the time (now I know just a bit better).
The result was awful. But, as I was
invested in pursuing my aesthetic visions in music,
I released 3 albums and a demo. The albums will be here to download.
The sound is a kind of experimental black metal,
being the album ":A House in the Forest:" a type of music-box eletronic/instrumental album.
Even if the old material isn't so good, it's part of this path,
a way of poetizing our lAnD, our mIst, our f0rest5 and
   so  on .

Memories from Southern Forests and Stars (2012)

: A House in the Forest :

Véu de Outono (2013)

b a c k\\